Monthly Archives: July 2014

Marc’s Forehand Technique Day 5

Hey guys! This is Marc’s final session of the 8 hour package. He came to me with a very old school forehand – his grip was continental! But ever since we have worked together to transform his forehand into the modern forehand. Today we focused on weight transfer of the legs and really made our last effort on trying to work on his contact to be more closed. In addition, we tried to emphasize the footwork and hit inside-out forehands.

It’s been a great 8-hour package with Marc!

Marc’s Forehand Technique Day 4

Hey guys, this is the fourth lesson on Marc’s forehand. Today we really focused on his contact point issue. He often times would open up his racket face at contact which causes the ball to go long. So today we both tried to close his racket face more at contact.

Mark’s Third Day Working on the Forehand

Hey, guys! This is day 3 of Marc working on his forehand. Today we were able to get his right hand working properly in the rotation. Everything is starting to come together; his forehand looks smooth now and the power seems effortless.

Marc’s Second Day Working on the Modern Forehand

Hey guys! This is one of my clients and he has been very focused on learning the use of the body the past two days.

He is making wonderful progress. A few tips I would give him right now is that he needs to fix the use of the left hand (it’s too straight) and clean up the footwork.

Feel free to leave advice and comments! Stay tuned for future online tennis instruction and updates with my clients!